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Low Cloud Costs

JitsuAI's patented AI/ML driven SQL query engine results in ~5x lower cloud costs. Work on terabytes of data with only gigabytes of memory.

Fast & Scalable

JitsuAI is compute optimized for very high memory efficiency. It delivers incredible performance on real-world analytical workloads and scales to an unlimited number of concurrent users.

Deploy & Use Within Minutes

JitsuAI is lightweight, containerized, and super easy to deploy & use. Users can get started and issue SQL within minutes.

100% Open, Highly Secure

JitsuAI works with open standards such as Apache Iceberg. There is no vendor lock-in. The product provides enterprise grade security.

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Scalable, Fast, & Cost-Efficient Query Processing

JitsuAI allows analysts and developers to run SQL directly on unlimited data with high scalability and at a low cost.

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