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At Jitsu, we are passionate about building. We believe we have a unique opportunity ahead of us to fundamentally change our space. We are driven to innovate.

Being builders, we understand that a core component to any construction is setting a strong foundation. Our people are at the core of our foundation and that is why we prioritize our team culture.

Our 7 pillars of wisdom are:

Bring No Egos - Our team comes from a variety of experience and backgrounds. Each provides deep insights to our team. We humbly learn from one another on a regular basis and do not treat those without prior knowledge in an area as less. We are students of life and constantly learning.

Be Kind - While many of our team members have personal community affiliations and causes we support, we simply want our team to be kind to one another.

Trust & Respect Others - We treat others as we would want to be treated.

Win as a Team - We know we are in this together. Our success is a function of our ability to work together.

Raise the Bar - We set high standards and hold high expectations for ourselves.

Create Positive Energy - We are a competitive team and believe in "complementary stress" that motivates and gets the best out of athletes. Positive energy is conducive to work.

Protect a Good Thing - It takes conscious effort to protect good values. Nothing comes for free. Difficult times require rich communication. A true test of a system is in distress. Communication during the lows takes courage, putting aside our egos, and is key to building trust.

Our Culture

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