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Our Vision

Jitsu was founded to bring next-generation systems software products to the world of distributed computation.

The technology industry's deep carbon footprint primarily stems from power requirements of servers in the cloud and server farms. Relational computation is key to solving problems that have causality; where millions of things are related to billions of things, and then progressively more relationships need to be resolved to find answers as problems get harder. Databases and data warehouses of the yesteryear, or their modern day counterparts, address business problems with little consideration to resource utilization while locking businesses into their expensive proprietary silos. The hidden cost of running a business is substantially higher as the result of a problem that hides in plain sight—silent business emissions—much like CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, that negatively impact businesses as well as our planet.

At Jitsu, we are working toward the goal of net-zero carbon for data processing technologies that are powered and propelled by 100% open standards based relational compute algorithms that are innately AI & ML. We aim to change the game by bringing data processing technologies that dissipate 10-100x fewer watts for doing relational computation and create value for businesses by lowering their cloud costs by ~5x. We promote open platforms with no vendor lock-in to rapidly help connect innovation with more innovation.

Green is not just being environmentally conscious and doing something about it, but also a good business model to build the future we desire for generations to come.

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